Origin Deluxe Edition  Special Track


Origin Deluxe Edition Special Track

  1. The Nail In Our Coffin
  2. A Cancer Uncontained
  3. Dead To The World : Alive In My Eyes
  4. The Earth Will Turn
  5. The Darkness Won't Divide
  6. Origin
  7. The Burning Of Bridges
  8. Spotless Mind
  9. The World Was Quiet
  10. Lucid Dreamer
  11. A God Without A Face
  12. Never See The Sun Rise
  13. A Cancer Uncontained (reimagined)
  14. Spotless Mind (reimagined)
  15. The Burning Of Bridges (reimagined)
  16. The World Was Quiet (reimagined)
  17. The Earth Will Turn (reimagined)
  18. Hello (cover)
  19. Jealous (cover)

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